Powder coating

Aluminium coating treatment is a special process that protects aluminium profile surface through a powder varnish coat. First of all, the profiles pass through a pre-treatment tunnel, where they are cleaned and coated with a conversion layer that ensures paint adhesion.

After leaving the pre-treatment tunnel, and prior to entering painting chambers, the profiles pass through a drying furnace to remove water residue. In the painting chamber, the profiles are coated with polyester resin powder. They are then placed in a polymerization furnace, where resin is hardened at 200 ºC.

Exlabesa has 9 horizontal and vertical coating lines providing the clients with an unlimited colour range, and ensuring maximum guarantee based on Qualicoat and Qualideco certificates. Furthermore, our Exlabesa Extrusion Padrón plant (reference extrusion plant) holds a Qualimarine certificate.

Powder coating

6 vertical paint lines: 8000 mm length

3 horizontal paint lines: 14 000 x 2 500 mm length

2 wood-effect paint lines

veneered lacquer plant

Maximum painting length: 14 000 mm

Finish: glossy, matte, textured

Wide RAL and extra-RAL colour range and wood-imitating finish

Annual manufacturing capacity: 45 000 tons of coated profiles

Other productive capacities

Powder coating capabilities