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Aluminum profiles for infrastructure applications

Durability remains one of the main aspects of infrastructure development and aluminum is therefore essential in this segment. The resistance of the material makes its maintenance over time unbeatable, especially due to its resistance to weathering.

Similarly, its lightness and versatility situates aluminum as the perfect alternative for any kind of infrastructure; large tents, covers, lighting, street furniture, signaling, logistical systems or any other equipment.

Because of its appearance and durability, aluminum is one of the key materials of the future and thus one of the most desirable elements in the industry.

Exlabesa offers a wide range of extrusion presses (from 1600 Tn to 8500 Tn) which enable the extrusion of aluminum profiles with diameters up to 700 mm and lengths up to 28000 mm, placing us among the most qualified suppliers producing aluminum profiles for large infrastructure.

Some applications

  • Infraestructuras-Luminarias-2
  • Infraestructuras-Carpas-1
  • Infraestructuras-Logistica-1
    Logistics systems
  • Street furniture
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