Clean Planet

Caring for the future

Our impact on the world

Exlabesa Clean Planet is an initiative based on the principles of the circular economy that aims to improve the environment, develop a more sustainable production system and reduce the impact of our activity on the environment through aluminium recycling and environmental certifications.

Experience has shown us that caring for the planet is a priority, which is why we have incorporated the capacity to recycle aluminium into our production. This process uses only 5% of the energy used in the production of primary aluminium, generating a very small CO₂ footprint. With several state-of-the-art recycling plants, we have the capacity to produce up to 80 000 tonnes of recycled aluminium billets per year.

In addition, we are ISO 14001 certified for environmental management, which guarantees our commitment to proper environmental management throughout the production process.

ISO 14001: Committed to the environment

The ISO 14001 quality certificate for environmental management enables us to guarantee compliance with sustainability standards throughout the entire production process of our aluminium profiles.

Certified recycled aluminium

Our recycling process ranges from collection and melting to the extrusion of new profiles. In this way, we drive a cleaner, more efficient and sustainable industry, with the Bureau Veritas certification.

  • RE-local 100, 100 % post-consumer recycled aluminium for architectural projects.
  • RE-local recycled aluminium with low carbon footprint for industry and construction.