Elevable GR

Elevable GR

The Elevable GR Lift & Slide system has been renewed to offer better technical performance. It also has an Environmental Product Declaration which makes it an excellent option for obtaining sustainable building certificates such as BREEAM, LEED or GREEN.

  • Stainless steel rail improves sliding compared to conventional aluminium rails
  • Multi-sash compositions can be made in 2 and 3 tracks
  • Incorporates a stainless steel water channel that guarantees watertightness and ensures proper installation
  • Possibility of recessing the frame up to the finished floor level both indoors and outdoors
Technical information
Air permeability* UNE-EN 1026:2017; UNE-EN 12207:2017 Class 4
Water tightness* UNE-EN 1027:2017; UNE- EN 12208:2000 Class 7A
Wind load resistance* UNE-EN 12211:2017; UNE- EN 12210:2017 Class C4
Thermal insulation Uw** UNE-EN ISO 10077-1:2017 Up to 1.1 W/m2K
Sound insulation Rw UNE-EN ISO 10140-2:2011 35 dB (-1; -2)


* Specifications of 2-sashes window of 3000×2300 mm

** Specifications of a 2-sashes balcony window of 6000×3000 mm

Maximum recommended dimensions (1 sash): 3300x3200 mm

Maximum recommended weight: 400 kg/sash

Maximum glazing: 39 mm

Polyamide: 23,5 mm

Multi-sash compositions can be made in 2 and 3 tracks 


Stainless steel rail and water channel  


The new straight version of this system provides a current and elegant aesthetic in line with the latest trends in architecture; while allowing for multi-leaf compositions in 2 and 3 tracks.


The Elevable GR lift and slide sliding system allows the sliding of large sashes up to 400 kg and the installation of glass panes up to 39 mm thick. The beaded sash ensures easy installation of the glass on site.


The design of the new Elevable GR lift & slide has improved its technical performance in all aspects of the weather tests, where it has obtained a classification of class 4, class 7A and class C4.


Lift & Slide: In the opening position, the sashes are slightly raised thanks to a mechanism that allows them to move smoothly and without friction. In closed position, they rest on longitudinal sealing gaskets that promote isolation.

In-line sliding: This makes it possible to install large sliding windows at reduced costs.

Technical manual
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