Aluminium bespoke facades

Aluminium bespoke facades

We develop and extrude customised aluminium facade profiles to provide a technical response to the constructive needs
of contemporary architecture. Create with us customised envelopes with virtually no limits.

Aluminium profiles for bespoke facades

Our commitment to technological and industrial development has made us a world leader in the manufacture of large, technically complex aluminium profiles.

Each singular facade has unique and specific requirements, and Exlabesa has the capacity to adapt to the needs of the project and offer customised solutions with infinite technical and aesthetic possibilities, always complying with all regulatory standards.

Manufacture of large profiles

At Exlabesa, we have 29 extrusion lines covering from 13 to 85 MN. These extraordinary production capacities, together with our technical know-how, allow us to design and manufacture bespoke aluminium facade profiles for the most demanding projects.

Max. extrusion length28 000 mm
Max. extrusion dimensions700 mm
Max. weight per profile120 kg/m
Max. lacquering/anodising length14 000 mm
Technical consulting
Advice on facade and envelope development

Exlabesa’s Technical Support Office conducts customised studies to ensure the viability of each project in all its phases, advising on the engineering development process as well as on the manufacture of the enclosures, the selection of the aluminium alloy or the logistics.

  • Consulting.
  • Facade project development.
  • Production viability.
  • Logistics.

Main advantages of the use of aluminium profiles for facades

Aluminium is a widely recognised material used in the construction of singular facades due to its numerous advantages. A unique combination of physical and aesthetic properties makes it the ideal choice for avant-garde architectural projects.

  • Lightweight. Aluminium is lightweight compared to other materials, easy to handle, install and transport.
  • Durability. Durable and tough material, able to withstand extreme weather conditions while maintaining structural integrity and requiring little maintenance.
  • Aesthetics. It allows for a wide variety of shapes and designs, providing flexibility in creating unique and customised enclosures.
  • Circularity. Aluminium is a highly recyclable material, making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly option.

Featured projects with bespoke facades

Aluminio para fachadas a medida |  Lisboa FPM41

FPM41 – Lisboa

Modular aluminium facade custom-made for this 17-storey skyscraper.

Aluminio para fachadas a medida | Cordoba

Crodoba’s City of Justice

This enclosure consists of a large, gold-anodised tubular lattice work.

Aluminio para fachadas a medida | Universidad de Lima

Lima University

Large, custom-made sun protection louvers with an anodised finish.

Aluminio para fachadas a medida | Barcelona

Building in Gran Vía – Barcelona

Latticework of bespoke profiles with a triangular cross-section.

Circular building

Sustainable solutions for bespoke facades

We are committed to the transition towards a circular and sustainable building model. We have the highest capacities in the market to manufacture recycled aluminium billet, which we incorporate into our enclosure systems. We also provide verified information on the environmental impact of our products throughout their life cycle.

  • Transparency. We guarantee traceability throughout the manufacturing process, from our recycled aluminium billet to extruded profiles. Our main products have Environmental Product Declarations (DAP/EPD).
  • RE-local recycled aluminium. We offer 100% post-consumer recycled aluminium profiles, certified by Bureau Veritas, with which it is possible to drastically reduce the carbon footprint of any building project.

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