Exlabesa’s ECW-50 HL semi-structural curtain walling system is the best option for achieving a glass structure with a marked horizontality. The combination of hidden silicone fixings on the vertical axis and aluminium trim caps on the horizontal axis, make the vertical limits of the glass disappear, creating a light semi-transparent envelope.

  • Double EPDM perimeter gasket
  • Internal cascade drainage system
  • Types of openings: top-hung and parallel top-hung
  • System certified with eco-label type III – DAP
Technical information
Air permeability* UNE-EN 12153:2000; UNE-EN 12152:2002 Class AE
Water tightness* UNE-EN 12155:2000; UNE-EN 12154:2000 Class RE1500
Resistencia a la carga del viento UNE-EN 12179:2000 Suitable (1500 Pa)
Thermal insulation Ucw** UNE-EN ISO 12631:2017 Up to 1,8 W/m2K
Sound insulation Rw UNE-EN ISO 10140-2:2011 37 dB (-3;-7)


* Specifications of a fixed module of 2750×6250 mm

** Specifications of a fixed module of 4340×2470 mm

Visible interior width: 50 mm

Maximum weight of the top-hung windows: 180 kg

Maximum glazing: 39 mm

Thermal break: 22-28 mm

Horizontal aesthetics: Range of caps

Vertical aesthetics: Sealed 20 mm

Double EPDM perimeter gasket 

Internal cascade drainage system 

System certified with eco-label type III - DAP 


The ECW-50 HL system is an excellent choice for a lightweight semi-transparent glass structure where horizontal lines predominate, thanks to the concealed fixings on its vertical axis.


The ECW-50 HL version of the stick-type curtain wall combines exposed and concealed fixing selectively, so that the horizontal joints are fixed by means of a system of screwed caps and the vertical joints have a clean appearance thanks to the use of silicone on the outside. In addition, it has a double EPDM perimeter gasket.


The ECW-50 HL system achieves class AE, class RE1500 and Suitable (1500 Pa) ratings in the weather tests, due to the fact that it has been tested to the highest standards to ensure all its performance and guarantee its safety. It stands out for the incorporation of an internal cascade drainage system, guaranteeing the correct drainage of water to the outside.


The ECW-50 HL curtain wall offers a thermal break of 28 mm and a maximum glazing of 39 mm, while allowing two types of integrated opening (projecting and parallel projecting window). The depth of mullions and transoms varies according to the needs of each project, as does the finish of the assembly.

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Projects using system ECW-50 HL

Oncopole Hospital

Orán (Algeria)
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Headquarters of the Port of Tarragona

Tarragona (Spain)
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