Current architectural trends are committed to providing spaces with greater luminosity. In this context, the windws and doors with reduced sections become especially relevant. Exlabesa has developed the CFS-65 system, a non thermal sliding system with a 35 mm interlock, which gives the window a larger glazed area. An ideal solution for warm and tropical climates that unites aesthetics and durability with maximum natural light entry.

  • Maximum recommended dimensions per sash: 2000×2700 mm
  • Maximum weight per sash: 300 kg
  • Maximum glazing up to 30 mm
  • Slim sight lines and 35 mm slim interlock
  • Multi-sash compositions in 2- and 3-track frames are possible
  • Solution for fixed and sash
  • Same chevron and corner cleat for outer frame and sash
  • Light and smooth sliding of leaves on aluminium or stainless steel rail
Technical information
Air permeability* UNE-EN 1026:2017; UNE-EN 12207:2017 Class 3
Water tightness* UNE-EN 1027:2017; UNE-EN 12208:2000 Class 7A
Wind load resistance* UNE-EN 12211:2017; UNE-EN 12210:2017 Class C5
Sound insulation Rw UNE-EN ISO 10140-2:2011 30 dB (-1; -2)


* Specifications of 2-sashes window of 1230×1480 mm

Maximum recommended dimensions (1 sash): 2000x2700 mm

Maximum recommended weight: 300 kg/sash

Maximum glazing: 30 mm

Frame depth: 65.5 mm

Slim sight lines and 35 mm slim interlock 

Multi-sash compositions in 2- and 3-track frames are possible 

Solution for fixed and sash 

Same chevron and corner cleat for outer frame and sash 

Light and smooth sliding of leaves on aluminum or stainless steel rail 


The CFS-65 series provides the possibility to create robust and durable windws. Its reduced visible sections and the 35 mm slim interlock provide greater luminosity to the interior space.


The CFS-65 sliding system allows for sashes weighing up to 300 kg and the installation of glass up to 30 mm thick. In this system, the frame is perimeter cut and the leaf is semi-perimeter cut, using the same cleats in both cases.


The CFS-65 sliding series has a classification of class 3, 7A and C5 in weather tests.


Compositions of up to 4 leaves in a 2-track frame and up to 6 leaves in a 3-track outer frame are possible. It incorporates a specific outer frame solution for fixed and leaf assemblies. It has a stainless steel rail that provides lightness and smooth sliding, in addition to the traditional aluminium rail. In order to be configured according to project requirements, the system has three types of interlocks with different inertias, as well as a leaf adapter for the installation of glass without a chamber.

In terms of hardware, the system allows for multipoint locking and mortise locking configurations.

Technical manual
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