ARS-72 C16 Mínima

ARS-72 C16 Mínima

The new ARS-72 C16 Minima represents the perfect balance between functionality and design. It combines very slim sight lines, which maximizes the entry of natural light, with a subtle and elegant design of 16 mm visible sash profile, inspired by traditional steel profiles and industrial aesthetics.

The 3 variants of glazing beads (straight, stepped or chamfered) and the 2 complementary georgian bars allow a wide range of configurations and aesthetics. A sophisticated solution with personality that also stands out for its exceptional technical performance in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation.

  • Maximum recommended dimensions per leaf: 1400×2400 mm
  • 16 Groove hardware
  • Visible sash with 16 mm glazing bead (straight, staggered or chamfered)
  • Concealed hinges option
  • EPDM sponge gaskets
Technical information
Air permeability* UNE-EN 1026:2017 Class 4
Water tightness* UNE-EN 1027:2017 Class E2100
Wind load resistance* UNE-EN 12211:2017 Class C5
Thermal insulation Uw** UNE-EN ISO 10077-1:2017 Up to 0.9 W/m2K
Sound insulation Rw UNE-EN ISO 10140-2:2011 45 dB (-1; -4)


* Specifications of 2-sashes window of 1230×1480 mm

** Specifications of a 1-sash balcony window of 1100×2200 mm

Maximum recommended dimensions (1 sash): 1400x2400 mm

Maximum recommended weight: 150 kg/sash

Maximum glazing: 34 mm

Polyamide: 34 mm in frame / 37,5 mm in sash

Concealed hinges option 

EPDM sponge gaskets 

Visible sash with 16 mm glazing bead: Straight, staggered or chamfered


The innovative ARS-72 C16 Minima system compatible with 16 Groove hardware , stands out for offering an elegant and subtle leaf design inspired by traditional steel windows. The minimal 16 mm exposed exterior glazing bead allows the creation of everything from contemporary straight-lined aesthetics to classic industrial styles with staggered or chamfered profiles. A range of adhesive georgian bars, available in two styles, expands the compositional possibilities.


ARS-72 C16 Minima allows a maximum glazing of 34 mm. The thermal break is made with 37.5 mm polyamides in the leaf and 34 mm in the outer frame. The EPDM sponge gaskets give the system a high level of watertightness and softness of closing. In addition, the fabrication process is simple thanks to the homogenization of the assembly elements and their compatibility with the Exlabesa´s ARS-72 tools.


The ARS-72 C16 Minima system achieves outstanding values in weather tests (Class 4/E2100/C5), as well as high performance in acoustic isolation (45 dB) and U values (Uw: 0.9 W/m²K). These features guarantee the best performance in terms of comfort and insulation.


The combination of glazing bead profiles and adhesive transoms offers a multitude of configurations. This makes it possible to explore new aesthetic possibilities and to adapt to any type of project, both new construction and renovation, with maximum guarantees.

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