The ARS-62 HO concealed sash system stands out for its minimalist and slim sight lines design, in line with the demands of contemporary architecture. Its slim outer frame with a visible section of 65 mm makes the glass the main element and thus enhances the opening to the outside of any space while allowing maximum use of the entry of natural light.

In addition, its excellent features allow achieving more than remarkable results in terms of weather performance, acoustic insulation and thermal values, making the ARS-62 HO system a perfect choice for building projects seeking a minimalist aesthetic and the best quality-design-price ratio.

  • Euro groove hardware
  • Hidden hinge option
  • Co-extrusion glazing bead
  • Concealed drainage frame option
Technical information
Air permeability* UNE-EN 1026:2017 Class 4
Water tightness* UNE-EN 1027:2017 Class E1650
Wind load resistance* UNE-EN 12211:2017 Class C5
Thermal insulation Uw** UNE-EN 10077-1:2017 Up to 1.2 W/m2K
Sound insulation Rw UNE-EN ISO 10140-2:2011 43 dB (-1; -4)


* Specifications of 2-sashes window of 1230×1480 mm

** Specifications of a 2-sashes window with shutter box of 1100×2200 mm

Maximum recommended dimensions (1 sash): 1400x2400 mm

Maximum recommended weight: 180 kg/sash

Maximum glazing: 32 mm

Polyamide: 24 mm

Hidden hinge option 


Concealed drainage frame option 

Possibility of frame with concealed drainage 


The ARS-62 HO window features a 65 mm exposed frame thanks to its concealed sash, which evidences its minimalist style that optimizes the exposed parts to the maximum and lets the glass take center stage.


The ARS-62 HO system has a glazing of up to 32 mm, 24 mm polyamides, and co-extruded glazing bead. Its fabrication is very simple thanks to the reinforcement of the profiles and the homogenization of the assembly elements.


Weather tests show the excellent performance of the ARS-62 HO system, reaching class 4, class E1650 and class C5. All this, together with excellent acoustic insulation values (43dB in a 2-pane window) and U values (Uw of up to 1.2 W/m²K) make this casement window system one of the most competitive in its category.


The hardware of the ARS-62 HO window system supports up to 180 kg of sash and has the possibility of concealed hinges. It also offers the option of a frame with concealed drainage and the fabrication of 2-pane windows with slim sight lines (81mm) or symmetrical view (97mm) using a rebater reverse profile. In addition, transons are available with the same dimensions as these reversers, providing the system with symmetrical dimensions in both fixed and non fixed elements.

Technical manual
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