Exlabesa launches RE-local 100: 100% post-consumer certified recycled aluminium

Exlabesa launches RE-local 100: 100% post-consumer certified recycled aluminium

Exlabesa has taken a key step towards circular and sustainable building with the launch of RE-local 100, the 100% post-consumer recycled aluminium billet certified by Bureau Veritas according to ISO 14021. Manufactured entirely in Exlabesa’s state-of-the-art foundries, it is produced from scrap aluminium products that have reached the end of their useful life.

It has a near-zero carbon footprint of only 0.5 kg CO2 eq/kg Al, compared to 8.6 kg CO2 eq/kg Al for primary aluminium consumed in Europe, a 94% reduction compared to primary aluminium consumed in Europe.

RE-local 100 is incorporated into Exlabesa’s production process to manufacture new windows, doors and curtain walls, which allows us to offer high quality products on demand, drastically reducing the carbon footprint and thus contributing to the decarbonisation of the sector.

The building sector is responsible for 36% of global CO2 emissions, and 40% of the carbon produced by buildings over their lifetime is embedded in their materials, according to data from the GBCe – Green Building Council Spain (source: La descarbonización de la edificación published by the GBCe – Green Building Council España). Aluminium, in addition to its technical properties (lightness, durability, …), is the key material for the future of the sector thanks to its infinite recycling capacity, which eliminates the need to extract new mineral and drastically reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Exlabesa’s recycling process ranges from collection and smelting to the extrusion of new profiles. Exlabesa’s recycling and smelting capacity, with state-of-the-art plants, reaches 80,000 tonnes of recycled aluminium billets per year, equivalent to the aluminium needed to equip more than 660,000 average homes, almost six times the number of new construction projects approved in Spain. These unique capacities in the market allow us to take on any project with maximum solvency and reliability, providing sustainable solutions with maximum guarantees to the building value chain in order to respond to the growing demand.

Exlabesa, a pioneer in the environmental field, was the first company in the sector to offer transparent information on the life cycle of its products through Environmental Product Declarations (EPD). Now, thanks to RE-local 100 post-consumer recycled aluminium, Exlabesa products allow not only to drastically reduce the environmental impact of architectural projects, but also to facilitate the achievement of environmental certifications such as LEED, BREEAM or VERDE.

With the launch of RE-local 100, Exlabesa takes a significant step towards a more responsible and environmentally friendly industry, promoting the transition towards a building model based on the principles of the circular economy and contributing to the achievement of the objectives of the European Green Pact.

For more information, visit our new web section on RE-local 100, and do not hesitate to contact us for advice on how to reduce the environmental impact of your project by incorporating 100% post-consumer recycled aluminium.