Bespoke profiles


Design bespoke facades without limitations

At Exlabesa, we do not only offer a wide range of curtain walling and solar protection solutions, but we also develop bespoke profiles that enable technical solutions to the needs of modern architecture and to create bespoke facades, virtually without limits

We give shape to your creativity

We design bespoke solutions adapted to the needs of any design. Whether it is a special modern or contemporary facade workpiece or developing an additional profile for a window or door system.

Our production capabilities distinguish us from others, and our aluminium know-how makes as unique in the industry

As architectural aluminium systems specialists, we know that every building project has its own specific requirements. Our technical expertise and our production capabilities allow us to design and manufacture profiles tailored to the requirements of each project virtually without limits.

We make your dreams a reality through solutions tailored to your needs

Our technical teams deals with the design, calculations and appropriate approvals to adapt catalogue solutions to your project or have them custom-made, if necessary. We implement each process to the end, starting with developing 2D plans and 3D models, through calculating U values, acoustic insulation or inertia. At the same time, we make sure that the optimized solutions we provide are adapted to the design.

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