Exlabesa 360


Exlabesa 360: Our technical documentation within your reach.

We are aware of the importance of having complete and detailed information of each system. Both for the specification of our products and for its manufacture and assembly. The consultation needs can be very diverse and for all of them there is an answer in our Exlabesa 360 library.

  • Technical sheet
  • Technical catalogs
  • Fabrication manuals
  • Descriptive texts
  • CAD sections
  • Weather Tests
  • Thermal test
  • Acoustic test
  • BIM objects

To answer your doubts or simply to consult information, in Exlabesa we have concentrated all the documentation of our product range in one site.

In Exlabesa 360 you can access without limits updated information, organized by system and by the type of document. In addition, our online library is designed to facilitate the search for specific documents thanks to the incorporation of a filter system to find the information in a simple, fast and precise way. On the top of that, a keyword search function is available to find the exact information you need.

  • Technical documentation always updated
  • Organized by product
  • Filters by product or document type
  • Quick search function
  • Keyword search engine
  • Download in a single click
  • Notifications of updates and new

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