Maintenance and cleaning

Factors impacting maintenance

We want your windows to be constantly kept in an impeccable condition. Their maintenance is very simple. But above all, consider the factors that impact the maintenance of your windows and doors.

Be mindful of your surroundings. Windows require more frequent maintenance in, among others, industrial zones, near a coast or in places with intensive traffic.

Ventilation is of particular importance. Our systems are hermetically sealed. Therefore, such household activities as cooking or showering lead to condensation. You can avoid such moisture sources by ventilating the rooms for several minutes a day.

Avoid chemical and abrasive products. They can lead to removing the protective layer from the aluminium.

How to perfectly clean aluminium windows?

If you listen to our advice, your windows will always look as on the first day after the purchase.

Aluminium systems should be cleaned twice or three times a year. All you need for them to look brand new are water and soap with a neutral pH.

Gaskets are another crucial element. Do not forget that they ensure tightness at the frame-window interface. Similary to profiles, you only need water and soap for cleaning.

Window fitting should be greased once a year. You only need a few drops of oil for them to operate again without creaking. Pay particular attention to the bearings.

Often vacuum the window channels to ensure correct water drainage.