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Exlabesa’s product development team works to achieve a clear objective: that Exlabesa windows excel in terms of thermal conductivity, airtightness and wind resistance with the best properties on the market. Therefore, by selecting Exlabesa windows, we achieve thermal conditions that cannot be improved any more, both in single-family and multi-family housing. This improves the residential environment and significantly reduces HVAC costs. Acoustic insulation and, ultimately, our comfort and everyday well-being will improve depending on the chosen Exlabesa window system.

Windows can be manufactured with all kinds of bends, different opening systems and in any finishing, which ensures far-reaching aesthetic flexibility and a vast range of possibilities. As far as profile shape and size are concerned, each series has its own personality. Whether large or small, round or straight, classic or minimalistic, it is the profiles that determine window appearance.

On one hand, we offer tilt and turn windows, opened inwards or outwards, thus occupying a certain space. On the other, we offer a tilt-and-turn window, which enables opening via their internal horizontal axis, and requiring little space. Sliding windows can consists of two, three or four parts (leaves) slid horizontally. Through sliding always in the same plane, they do not require additional space inside or outside the room.

Both internal and external profiles can be colour-coated independently. This way, the interior finishing of the window can be different from the exterior.

It is very easy. Contact us, and we’ll provide you with the contact details of some of our installers recommended by Exlabesa and operating throughout the country.

They significantly differ from the rest. For example, they offer better thermal and acoustic insulation. On the other hand, these are windows developed according to state-of-the-art designs, and the materials used are more innovative. Exlabesa “premium” windows cover a range of the windows (RS-65, ARS-72, RS-77), doors (PRS-72) and the S-lim and Elevable GR patio doors.

Condensation is a natural phenomenon, which involves air moisture depositing on cold surfaces. The higher the insulation of the joinery, the warmer its internal surfaces will be, hence, the lower the probability of condensation. Correct installation, without thermal bridges within the window, is equally important. However, proper ventilation is still essential to keep moisture generated daily in the volume beneficial to health. Exlabesa offers a range of windows ensuring a high degree of thermal insulation, while having different types of openings and fittings enabling microventilation.

Exlabesa has a network of approved fabricators and installers throughout the country. Contact us and we will tell you where to meet one of them.

Aluminium is excellent in conducting heat and a bad conductor is placed between the profiles to reduce heat loss caused by this factor. Polyamide spacers used to connect aluminium profiles are usually used for this purpose. Exlabesa has 11 polyamide assembly lines, which enables offering a wide range of unpararell U value performance tilt and sliding windows.

We must pay close attention to thermal insulation, controlling sun access and safety. Regarding the former, a double window pane with an air chamber reduces energy loss by half. This can be combined with “low carbon” treatment for additional savings or replace air in the chamber with argon. In a warm climate, adding solar radiation protection layers to the chamber panes can be an interesting solution. This will help avoiding excessive apartment heating. When it comes to safety, it is obligatory to put laminar glass in the bottom layers. These are two panes joined by a plastic plate that holds them should they break. Exlabesa door and window systems are compatible with all types of glass panels.

On an already painted profile, a wood drawing is engraved in aluminium using screen printing. Exlabesa has several paint lines, which allows us to offer door and window systems in wood-imitating finish.

Powder coating and anodising are the best option for your aluminium windows and doors. Powder coating is painting the surface with polyester resin-based paint and placing it in a furnace, at a temperature of 180 oC. The colour range is unlimited and goes beyond the RAL catalogue. Exlabesa has 10 horizontal and vertical paint lines, which enable customizing profiles over a wide colour range, with matt, glossy or textured finishing. The quality of this treatment is confirmed by the Qualicoat certificate. Anodising is the transformation of the internal aluminium layer, causing its hardening and tightening. Colour selection is limited in this case, but it comes with mechanical treatment reinforcing the metallic effect. When it comes to finishing, Exlabesa offers several types. These include matt, satin, polished and smoothed finishing, enabling their free customization.

Both systems should be cleaned with water and soap with a neutral pH, and a sponge or soft cloth. Avoid solvents and substances with abrasive properties. Use lubricants to keep mechanisms (locks, latches, …) in a proper condition. Maintenance frequency largely depends on building location. It is sufficient to conduct it once or twice a year in rural areas. It should be conducted more often in an industrial environment or a coastal zone to avoid the deposition of saltpetre or other corrosive substances.

Aluminium provides windows and doors with the nobility of metal. It is rigid and highly durable, enables the application of large-size solutions and offers an unlimited range of finishings. Owing to its properties, it facilitates reducing profiles dimensions, enlarging glass pane surface in windows to a maximum. This, in turn, provides the window with a modern appearance. At Exlabesa, we offer a wide range of tilting and sliding aluminium windows that can be used both in residential projects, and in, e.g., hotels, commercial premises, institutions, and healthcare or educational facilities.