A material with extraordinary properties

Aluminium is the third most abundant element on Earth and the most common metal of the Earth’s crust. It simultaneously has numerous advantages that enable using it in any industry or for manufacturing of everyday items.

This material stands out owing to its lightness with a specific gravity at 2.7 g/cm3, which is one third of irons weight. Its another benefit is strength, which results from an oxide layer created naturally on its surface, which protects its against corrosion. Aluminium is also a metal that is ductile, fire-resistant and 100% recyclable without loss of quality, therefore, its lifespan is unlimited. It offers excellent performance in any application.


Unmatched advantages of aluminium make it a perfect material for many industries, where it ensures excellent performance owing to its versatile properties that enable application in any field, thus satisfying the requirements of any trade in terms of manufacturing capabilities and appearance.

Long-term quality

This metal is a synonym of long-term quality, enduring passing time virtually without any wear, deformations or changes induced by external factors. It requires minimum maintenance, hence guaranteeing its service life.

Environmental friendliness

It is also an environmentally friendly material because the production of aluminium bars from recycled aluminium requires consuming only 5% of the energy needed to make aluminium as a raw material and generates negligible carbon footprint. Exlabesa’s commitment to sustainable development and respect for the natural environment resulted in investing in recycling plants, which manufacture ingots made of recycled aluminium, later used in the extrusion of new profiles. This enables their virtually unlimited reuse.

Value for money

The value for money offered by this metal is also enormous, providing excellent properties at an affordable price. Simultaneously, the longevity of aluminium products makes them a safe investment that consequently guarantees economic savings.

Utilization and application

Excellent properties of aluminium are additionally enhanced through various alloys, which is why Exlabesa invested in achieving manufacturing capabilities that enable adapting to the requirements of many industries and different types of products.

Strength, lightness and the eco-friendly character of aluminium make it a perfect material for the construction and architecture industries, and more precisely, for manufacturing profiles used for windows, doors, facades, slats, etc. Impact energy absorption capacity of this metal made it a material employed to manufacture a number of components in the automotive industry. The transportation industry also use this metal for its plasticity and corrosion resistance.

Furthermore, its durability resulted in it being an element of all kinds of infrastructure projects. This metal combines excellent lightness, flexibility, resistance and conductivity, which made it widely employed in the energy and electrical sectors. Currently, due to its extraordinary properties, aluminium is used in manufacturing oriented at all fields, from communications to, among others, electronics.