CRS-140: Expand the boundaries of minimalism

CRS-140: Expand the boundaries of minimalism

Expand the boundaries
of minimalism

This CRS-140 minimalist sliding door system, developed in line with contemporary architectural trends,
provides a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, fading
any physical barriers. In addition, it offers a unique differential value for professionals in the sector by facilitating
the manufacturing process and providing a variety of advanced technical and aesthetic solutions.

An innovative minimalist sliding door system

The innovative minimalist sliding door with thermal break represents minimalism at its best, combining style and luminosity with security, comfort and energy efficiency.

Discover all the technical and aesthetic solutions that open up new possibilities in the field of architectural frames.


Minimal interlock profiles

Up to 99% glazed area

Maximised transparency thanks to a 25 mm visible ultra slim interlock, invisible horizontal profiles and the possibility of fully integrated frame and sashes all around the perimeter. This allows an extraordinary glazing area of up to 99%.

Minimalist sliding door CRS-140 - Central node

25 mm ultra slim interlock

Minimalist sliding door CRS-140 - Concealed sashes in frame

Concealed sashes in frame

Minimalist sliding door CRS-140 - Full frame mounting

Fully concealed solution

Optimized design

Quick and efficient assembly

Thanks to optimised profiles and intelligent design solutions, manufacturing times and costs are significantly reduced, allowing a wide range of project typologies to be covered. Features that stand out are the single outer frame and straight-cut sashes, the factory-assembled central polyamide frame and bezels and the possibility of using standard glass without the need for offsets, which simplify the assembly process. In addition, it incorporates solutions that facilitate the final finish of the work, such as the external aluminium overlap that guarantees the finish in the transition between the system and the construction.

Handles and activators

A variety of technical and aesthetic options

The CRS-140 minimalist sliding door series is compatible with different handles and activators designed by Exlabesa, functional and attractive locking solutions adapted to the current needs of the sector and the characteristics of each slide.

The different hardware options with multi-point entry add a high value to the system, combining quality and usability, while adapting to every aesthetic option.

Minimalist sliding door CRS-140 - handle 1

Minimalist push button integrated into the custom-designed system adds differentiation and exclusivity

Minimalist sliding door CRS-140 - Handle 2

The multi-point sash allows the use of handles and grips from the Exlabesa ICONIC range

Minimalist sliding door CRS-140 - Handle 3

Possibility of incorporating a continuous vertical handle for usability and sophisticated aesthetics


Technical characteristics

Flexibility and adaptability

Thanks to its innovative design, the CRS-140 offers exceptional versatility, adapting easily to different configurations, opening sizes and building typologies. At a constructive level, the system is based on a single outer frame, with 2 and 3 rail options, over which it is possible to create multiple configurations and variants in a simple way. It also offers fixed and leaf solutions without needing special profiles.

In terms of technical features, the leaf dimensions range from 1,000×800 mm to 4,000×4,000 mm, allowing weights of up to 800 kg and glazing from 34 to 42 mm with the possibility of a reducer for monolithic glass. This reaffirms the system’s capacity to satisfy both high-end projects requiring large sash sizes and high weights, as well as smaller projects.

Interlock profiles

Adapted to each project

This system has different 25 mm front section interlocks and different types of inertia to adapt to the requirements of wind resistance. With the possibility of incorporating steel reinforcements.

Multiple jamb solutions

CRS-140 offers multiple jamb composition options with visible or concealed panels that adapt to the functionality and aesthetics of each project.

CRS-140_14-Hoja Vista

Visible sash

CRS-140_15-Hoja Tirador Integrado

Visible sash with integrated handle

CRS-140_16-Perfil Oculto

Concealed sash

Advanced solutions

No barriers

Flush floor level with open corner

The system incorporates a series of advanced solutions to create a seamless indoor-outdoor connection, eliminating physical and visual barriers.

90° corner solution

The perfect seal

Exlabesa’s design allows the leaves to meet at 90° corners without a frame mullion, helping to create a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors without adding any interruption. Both leaves meet in a seamless closure that incorporates your choice of handle or grip.

Fully concealed outer frame

The system offers two integrated floor options, which, in addition to a clean and sophisticated aesthetic, provide a smooth and unobstructed transition between spaces:

CRS-140_18-Pavimento Continuo

Flush floor level

The perfect continuity between the inside and outside finish..

CRS-140_19-Aluminio Pisable

Aluminium flush floor level

Facilitates the installation finish regardless of the environment.

CRS-140_20-Canal Drenaje

Drainage channel

The drainage system ensures extra evacuation in case of exposure to direct external conditions.

DUO exclusive system

Roller bearing configuration in sash or frame

The CRS-140 series has an exclusive system patented by Exlabesa with two installation variants
using the same profiles and maintaining the same aesthetics and usability in both configurations:
sash rollers or frame rollers.

Sash rollers

Leaf configurations up to 600 kg
  • Smooth and quiet sash glide.
  • Avoids direct exposure of the roller bearings to dirt and adverse weather conditions.
  • It allows corner closing solutions, 2 and 3-lane frames with direct drainage or drainage channel, as well as the use of trim profiles, central interlocks with different inertia, etc.

Frame rollers

Leaf configurations up to 800 kg
  • Easy assembly without any tools or the need to disassemble the leaves.
  • Smooth and quiet glide.
  • It allows corner closing solutions, 2 and 3-lane frames with direct drainage or drainage channel, as well as the use of trim profiles, central interlocks with different inertia, etc.
  • This roller bearing arrangement is required for solutions with flush floor or aluminium profiles, as well as for heavy loads.

Technical features

CRS-140 minimalist sliding door technical features

The best performance

Efficiency and insulation

On a technical level, the system has been designed to achieve the highest insulation standards. In this sense, it is worth highlighting its exceptional technical performance in terms of thermal insulation, achieving outstanding values in the AEV tests (3/ 8A/C5), acoustic attenuation (42dB) and thermal transmittance (Uw: Up to 1.0 W/m2).


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