A robust system designed thinking of its installation on shopfronts, KSF combines durability and a modern design that maximizes the glazed area with excellent value for money. This door is not only an excellent option for exteriors, it is also a good choice for interior spaces.

  • Range of shop front & door sections available
  • Compatible with double and single doors
  • Choice of top rails, bottom rails and a mid-rails available
  • Screw port fixing for shop front sections
  • Cleated or tie rodded door sash construction
  • Multiple glass thickness` available from 6 to 28,8 mm double glazing
  • Modern aesthetic with maximised glass sections
  • High security internal beading
  • Anti-finger trap bulb and half bulb stile options
  • DDA compliant low threshold for easy access
  • Manual and automatic door options
  • Fully rebated gasketed cill or flat backed cill
Technical information
Max. sash size 1150×2400 mm
Thermal insulation Uw** See note


** Please note: U-Values are dependant on size and glass U-Values.


KSF Shopfront offers fabricators complete flexibility of construction on sites when robustness is a key factor.


For ease of fabrication, KSF Shopfront has been designed with square cut and screw ported framing sections.

To comply with current guidelines, this door system has an anti-finger trap “bulb” and half “bulb” stile option, without the need for a mid-rail when fitting panic gearing.


KSF Shopfront has been tested according to the BS6375-1 2015 standard for Air, Water and Wind resistance to ensure all its benefits and guarantee its safety.


This is a versatile system where multiple door operations are available. You can choose from double action single and double doors using a COHC. Dedicated auto gearing header bar and robust sliding door profiles complete the range, offering full design flexibility.

The KSF range is completed with threshold options; DDA compliant low threshold with an option to incorporate drainage, a fully rebated gasketed cill or a flat backed cill for use with the auto door profiles or to butt up to internal finishes.

Technical manual

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