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61. exlabesa en el DPA Fórum de Santiago

exlabesa presents its energy efficiency products at the DPA Forum in Santiago.

exlabesa presented its energy efficiency products at the DPA Forum, which took place in Santiago de Compostela on June 7, visited by nearly 200 professionals from the industry. In exlabesa, in recent years we have been carrying out a plan to strengthen our R&D&I area in order to define products that will adapt to the new realities of construction and urban reconstruction. The most important among them are elements that favour thermal insulation of buildings and energy efficiency strategies for glass building enclosures.

In this context, our project manager in the north-western zone, Mayte Estrada, presented the features and design of the ECW-50 curtain wall, the RS-70 HOi series, the sliding door system S7 and Thermo Comfort 75 PVC, which achieves the best heat transfer results from the whole range. Our goal is to offer solutions adapted to the new market requirements and therefore we develop our work based on innovations that already bring satisfactory results thanks to the aluminium and PVC joinery systems.

Both the presented products and the philosophy applied to the thermal insulation of buildings were very well received by the participants who positively assessed the presented proposals. Before the start of this important day, the well-known architect César Portela gave a lecture, and after its completion, the participants visited the exhibition showing construction materials that protagonized the working session.

“Professional days”, such as the DPA forum, is a communication channel that we use in exlabesa both for the presentation of our products and for testing the market with our clients.00

60 Actualización RS-65 + RS-77

We update the documentation of RS-65 and RS-77 systems

In exlabesa, we constantly make every effort to ensure that our clients have access to the most up-to-date and comprehensive information. For this reason, we updated the technical catalogues of RS-65 and RS-77 systems, both those related to the European Channel and Channel 16. In this way, our clients are kept up-to-date with everything that concerns our products and especially all innovations in these two most successful systems.

The new technical catalogues contain sections with all technical specifications, profile and accessory indexes, scaling profiles as well as a wide selection of types and cutting details. Currently, to complete this information, detailed production instruction contains all the steps necessary for optimal window production. The main purpose is that all persons interested in this product have access to the best information in order to meet their professional and business needs.

The range of RS systems is the most popular among those available in our company. Its versatility and adaptability, in addition to quality, have made it one of the reference points among the recommended materials.

exlabesa constantly cares about its clients in order to support them in making the best decisions that favour their business and commercial activities. This is a part of the corporate social responsibility policy implemented by our company.

59. Catálogo + muestrario exlabesa composite panel

New documentation of exlabesa composite panel is now available

We present to our clients a new catalogue of hanging systems, SZ and riveting – exlabesa composite panel. It is available both on our website and in the form of a physical catalogue.

The new catalogue enters the market by offering extensive product information and includes the range of colours available in this series along with their actual samples. In addition, it contains detailed information about our system, technical specifications, research station values ​​as well as various assembly options.

exlabesa composite panel offers the possibility of transferring new experiences thanks to a smooth finishing, which translates into attractive and stylish buildings. The panels can be easily formed to suit various systems and shapes of even the most demanding façade designs.

It is a modern material, suitable for architectural applications, especially recommended as a coating on ventilated façades of a new construction and renovation. Due to its thickness of 4 mm, it stands out with its lightness and stiffness, contributes to the protection of a building and ensures resistance to corrosion and weather conditions. FR system is an effective response to new fire regulations.

exlabesa composite panel offers a wide range of colours and finishes, realising the designers imagination.

58. Nueva jornada exlabesa-Renolit

exlabesa-Renolit, cooperation for good training

exlabesa programmed a day of training on the use and application of the Renolit repair sheet, which was implemented in the contemporary auditorium of exlabesa Architectural Lab. The session was developed as a part of the courses of proper use and application of the most advanced and effective products on the market. The event took place on March 6, and the turnout, only among the customers, was very large.

Renolit specialists went to our headquarters to carry out the training day, which concerned the film repair system in PVC profiling, both from the theoretical and practical point of view. The participants received a diploma confirming their participation in training in the field of product application.

The training is a key element of our company’s business activities and is included in the framework agreement on cooperation with Renolit. As a result, we work to transfer knowledge and achieve excellence in all processes related to foiling profiles and professionals involved in these processes.

The result was really satisfying for all participants who highly appreciated the acquired knowledge and a great cooperation environment. The degree of satisfaction obtained by all involved parties indicates that new seminars for our customers will be held throughout the year.

57. Nueva tarifa de PVC

Significant improvements in the new price offer of exlabesa PVC

From April 1, our customers will receive a new price offer for exlabesa PVC 2018, which introduces significant improvements in the range of products by updating and extending the dimensions of individual systems. The price offer is updated in accordance with the market situation in order to offer the highest quality of the product.

The new document includes all PVC profiles, classified by systems, their schematic image, available finishing for each of them and delivery times, as well as other information. The document allows you to meet the accessories, supplemental profiles, aluminium profiles and steel reinforcements related to our range of PVC products.

Compared to the prices of the previous offer, we can see small fluctuations both up and down, depending on the dimensions and finishing, because detailed calculations were carried out in each case.

In addition, the general sales condition is included, which specifies both the standard range and terms of commitments, as well as other ordinary variables as a part of business relations regarding sales and deliveries.

56. Color Negro en folios de PVC

Deep black for your windows thanks to exlabesa PVC systems

If you think about buying PVC windows, you need to know that black is one of the most fashionable colours in the window design. Now, for the first time, you can ask for a really deep shade of your black. With the introduction of the new Renolit door and window foil on the market, available in our latest colour catalogue, you can take care of the truly suggestive finish of your windows. The black colour is universal and looks great in all combinations of both façade materials and interior walls.

PVC foils are used to cover window profiles, blinds, shutters or doors of any type of a house or a building. They are of not only the aesthetic function, but also increase the efficiency of housings. The range of colours is very wide, offering a choice between solid, metallic or wood finishing.

Our PVC systems ensure all guarantees and quality of RENOLIT (, a leading international group engaged in the production of high quality plastic sheets and derivative products for technical applications.

55. Ya disponible la documentación técnica de la gama de aluminio-madera de exlabesa.jpeg

Technical documentation of exlabesa aluminium and wood range is now available

Our clients already have a complete digital version of the documentation for the aluminium and wooden range, both for tilting VAM and sliding S-VAM series.

In the products section on our website, you can find technical documentation, dossier, technical catalogue, construction sections or tests, as well as other documentation prepared especially for these systems.

Nothing can replace the feelings brought by natural wood to your house. Our aluminium and wooden joinery systems allow you to enjoy these impressions and the advantages of an aluminium window: stiffness, durability, safety… This combination of metal and wood also takes into account differences in the behaviour of both materials in different weather conditions.

54. Nueva carta de acabados para las series de PVC de exlabesa

New colour swatch of finishes for PVC series by exlabesa

In exlabesa, we know how important innovation and diversification are in the current market. For this reason, we have renewed our PVC colour swatch for 2018 to offer the market the maximum guarantee of innovation, creativity and quality.

A new colour swatch for PVC systems is now available for consultation with clients and industry specialists. It is completely renewed, new colours and types of foils are found in the new sample, which gives a wider guarantee of quality, while strengthening the diversity of innovative and original finishes.

In exlabesa, we face this challenge by taking important challenges to strengthen our “I+ d+i” strategy, providing added value to our clients. For this reason, we want to offer a wide range of foils that allow us to give the final and creative character of our PVC series in accordance with the needs and style sought for every occasion. With these finishings, not only the final appearance of the product, but also its functionality improves.

This initiative is in line with the company’s goal of offering our clients a wide range of products based on quality and innovation Commitment to the environment and sustainable development of the products position us as a company committed to the environmental protection and the requirements of our clients, who always offer a wide range of solutions adjusted to their needs.

52. Nueva versión exlabesa plus

New version of exlabesa plus

A new version of our aluminium and PVC cutting program is now available, version 2.5 of exlabesa plus, with important changes in relation to the previous version.

The new version has many improvements, such as the choice of finishing and the entire pricing series, full window descriptions and additional information in the cutting reports. In addition, it includes a new updating system, automatic backup and a new calculation system. It can be installed either as an update of the previous versions or as a new program.

If you still do not have this software, please contact us to get a presentation and discover a simple way to create valuations, material sheets and orders using exlabesa plus.