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53. Estrenamos el auditorio del exlabesa Architecturla Lab con la primera reunión comercial del año en la que participó Renolit


We decided to start the current year with significant activity, choosing for this purpose the auditorium of our modern and efficient building, exlabesa Architectural Lab. On January 3 and 4, the first business meeting of the year took place there, which was also the inauguration of our emblematic building.

These were two days of intensive work, during which we wanted to put special emphasis on the participation of Renolit representatives, the leader in the production of PVC film, in this meeting.

The series began on January 3 with the meeting led by Jesús Bona and Luis Miguel Santillán, during which both men presented the results of last year, and analysed the purposes for the current year. On the next day, new items in the documentation as well as new solutions in practical and sliding systems were presented. There was also a presentation of a new version of exlabesa plus. Marcos Ruíz and Óscar Mejía from Renolit provided the final character to the day.

Along with this session, a two-day cycle filled with intensive work ended, which served the inauguration of the auditorium of exlabesa Architectural Lab, which will be an important reference point in all our company’s activities.

48. exlabesa meeting point


A meeting with customers was held in order to present the various products of our brand on June 6, in the Amic Horizonte hotel in Palma de Mallorca. The atmosphere of the meeting held from 10am to 4pm was very pleasant, and it was warmly welcomed by the participants. The day began with a corporation presentation of our company, developed by the Chief Systems Director, Jesús Bona.

During the meeting, the participants had an opportunity to get to know the aluminium and PVC systems, as well as exlabesa plus, our software analysing offer and selecting materials. In addition, RS-70 Series of Hidden Leafs were especially noted for their excellent results; we must stress that it is a very desirable product in today’s market. The customers were also informed about the new plans for the future of exlabesa.

It was an intense and successful day ended with lunch, during which we had the opportunity to exchange views and knowledge of the needs of the sector, in order to be able to adapt the activities to the interests of our customers, respond to their needs and undertake effective activities.

50. CEPYME 500

exlabesa, chosen due to economic growth

Our company has been chosen to take part in the CEPYME500 project. Many leaders of economic growth from various fields participate in this project, not only because of their achievements, but also due to their skills in achieving positive results, creating jobs and international activity.
In order to be accepted to this project we have met all the possible requirements, which involved sales, economic growth, size and profitability. All of the data comes from the official public registers. The financial situation of the company was also taken into account, including innovations and activity on the international arena. All these factors allowed us to be included on the list of 200 companies, which was created by CEPYME.

The main role of this initiative is to acknowledge the chosen companies and provide them with local and international reach, which should strengthen their position on the international arena. Due to that, CEPYME500 offers annual publication, which provides the results of the participating companies and the analysis of different sectors of their activity. The distinctions “CEPYME500 – Leaders of economic growth” can be also used in all short-term and medium-term promotion or marketing activities which could be undertaken.

Participating in this project is an honour to our company, which is dynamic and innovative, and the growing expansion on the international arena in which we were involved for the past few years. We would like to congratulate and thank everybody for their participation and work.

51. Plan Renove Madrid


The Autonomous Community of Madrid extended the duration of the Windows Replacement Programme until 30 September this year, to further promote the improvement of the thermal insulation of residential buildings, houses, offices and hotels. Our company is a point of reference in the sector due to the technology used in the production of double-glazed windows, which can reduce heat and air-conditioning losses, and improve thermal comfort of buildings. The Administration of Madrid made available the website containing all requirements and conditions that must be met in order to receive a grant.

The modernization of glazing systems involves improved thermal comfort, reduced CO2 and supports the environmental protection. It is also worth mentioning other resulting benefits such as improved acoustics, enhanced security through improved locking and reduced condensation of water in the rooms.

The grant is up to 70 € per square meter of a double-glazed pane with reinforced thermal insulation. You may apply for a grant until 30 September. All information is available on the website

RS-70 CEOi

New documentation of RS-70 system with the European Fitting Groove by exlabesa is available

We have just provided our customers with the documentation of one of our newest systems from our wide and varied offer, RS-70 Hidden Sash system with the European Fitting Groove.

Within the aluminium systems of exlabesa, RS Series are the latest and most up-to-date series. They are a part of the strategy that faces the new legal framework and the ever-increasing sensitivity to energy savings.

RS-70 Hidden Sash system connects the technology innovation, current aesthetics and solid structure. At a depth of 70 mm, its thermal values are close to the best of this family. By selectively placing the polyethylene foam, it was possible to reduce the heat loss through the window frame to a value of Uf = 1.7 W/m2K.

In the “Products” tab on our website, you can find safety data sheet, dossier, catalogue, structure cross-sections, test results and other information about this system. As a new item, we present the technical catalogue of the system in five languages: Spanish, English, French, Polish and German.

46. Taller de formación

Training workshops of exlabesa

The workshop proved its usefulness by taking an active part in the creation of a new Architectural Lab of exlabesa.

Our Training Workshop began the series of training courses on the systems, targeting dealers, factory workers and installers. The purpose of this workshop is to provide continuous training for the participants to maximize the performance of all our products and to offer the optimal and tailored service to each customer’s needs.

In order to broaden their knowledge, the participants work with mechanical saws, mechanical pruners, pneumatic presses, copiers, milling machines for drainage holes and PVC weldering machines. The workshop is fully equipped to allow the installation of any type of aluminium or PVC systems.

The courses are held in small groups to ensure maximum performance. In addition, the courses are personalized for customers who only wish to learn the subjects they are interested in.

It is also worth mentioning how important the training workshop is. As you know, it was a great help in the construction of a new Architectural Lab of exlabesa. A number of structural elements are created in our workshop to assemble them directly on the construction site to save time and costs.

The inauguration of the workshop was held in February this year, and its purpose is to meet all our needs of the training characteristics.

42. Magníficos resultados ensayos QUIET Comfort 70

PVC-U Quiet Comfort 70 system by exlabesa exceeds any expectations in the recent tests

Our PVC-U QUIET Comfort 70 system exceeded all expectations in the recent tests carried out in the ENSATEC Laboratory, accredited as the European Notified Body, last March. The tests checked air permeability, which reached the result of Class 4; water resistance obtained the classification of E2100 Class; and wind resistance obtained CE3000 Class. In addition, the tests involved new joints of the rigid base of PVC-U system which also effectively exceeded the standards, and put this product as one of the best among PVC-U systems family.

With a wide range of product, the capabilities of QUIET Comfort 70 system makes this PVC-U window one of the most successful products in the company, as well as one of the most popular on the market.

This product connects excellent technical parameters such as sealing, and from the aesthetic point of view allows for straight or curved lines. Therefore, it is one of the most popular products on the markets.

40. Gran perfil exlabesa Architectural Lab

The New Architectural Lab At exlabesa highlights our industrial potential

exlabesa Architectural Lab, is the new headquarters for the Systems company, it demonstrates the industrial power of the company through the curtain wall created with the ECW-50 system. Its uniqueness has reached a new level through the production of a beam made of one of the largest aluminium profiles, which are manufactured in Spain, on which the wall sits.

The installed profile has over 30,000 cm4 of inertia and provides support for the curtain wall at 2.5 m above the ground level. However, the supports are suspended on the upper part, attachment to a large aluminium beam is carried out allowing for necessary vertical movement due to expansion.

In our Rois plant, we have a 6500-tone press. It allows to create profiles with a width of 62 cm and carry out extrusion cycles, without binding up to 500 kg.

The new building positions exlabesa as a leader in the world market for extrusion of aluminium and PVC, and allows us to show our capabilities, and the use of products we manufacture.

43. Foto

Curtain wall – a subject of the conference on Structural Glazing

Last March, we organized a conference on Structural Glazing, concentrating on the system of ECW-50 Curtain Wall. It was attended by three Universities from A Coruña, Technical University of Architecture, University of Technical Architecture and CESUGA.

The schedule involved two lectures and one visit to the construction site. The lectures consisted of two parts. The first concentrated on the different aspects of the curtain wall, such as energy efficiency, its components, requirements and design systems.   The second conference concentrated on the project of exlabesa Architectural Lab and the application of the concepts.

At the end, students and teachers could observe the installation of ECW-50 curtain wall during a visit to a construction site. The builders explained, from their point of view details of the construction, such as industrial pleats specifically designed for the exlabesa Architectural Lab large anodized posts of approx. 11.20 m length.

The technical sessions were successful completed, and in we had the opportunity to share our experience and project with the students and teachers of three universities.